Human rights

Since his first days as a journalist, Duncan's work has been concerned with human rights. Whether exposing how government defence policies supercedes citizens' rights; the Secret Intelligence Services' systematic lack of accountabilty permits ubiquitous infringments of personal privacy, or how the gay community has been marginalised and its health put at risk through official and state-sanctioned homophobia.



Lesbian & Gay rights

Civil liberties and citizens' rights to privacy have been one of the most important parts of Campbell's journalism.

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Duncan helped found the gay lobby group Stonewall in 1988.

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Duncan has fought for the rights of Gay, lesbian and bi-sexual individuals. Including the government discrimination during the Aids crisis.

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Duncan Campbell wins Civil Liberty Award

This year's Cobden Award - for the piece of writing judged to have done most for civil liberty - has been given to the New Statesman's Duncan Campbell.

5 December, 1980

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