The Independent is a British daily broadsheet newspaper. It was launched in 1986, partly in opposition Rupert Murdoch's increasing influence on the UK press. The paper has a reputation for having a left-leaning and opinionated ideology. Read Duncan's articles below.

Revealed: Britain's 'secret listening post in the heart of Berlin'

Claims that GCHQ has maintained spying operations even after US pulled out.  The front page report for the Independent resulted in the British ambassador being summoned to the German foreign ministry. Read main story here



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Exclusive: UK’s secret Mid-East internet surveillance base is revealed in Edward Snowden leaks

Duncan's front page story in the Independent reveals that data-gathering operation is part of a £1bn web project still being assembled by GCHQ.

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30 more countries with spy stations

New evidence shows the world is covered with illegal listening stations, many of them maintained by Britain's European trade partners.

09 July 2000

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Nuclear missile error that could have ravaged Lincolnshire kept secret

A fuel spill at RAF Ludford Magna in 1960 had the potential to cause a nuclear disaster and contaminate hundreds of square miles with radioactive materials.

7 October, 1999

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How Britain eavesdropped on Dublin

Britain directed a massive bugging operation against the Irish government for 10 years — something that had been kept secret until now.

16 July 1999

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Media: Never mind the facts, feel the pressure

The quest for bigger ratings is the driving force behind recent questionable acts by television editors.

6 April, 1999

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PASSED/FAILED: Duncan Campbell

Duncan talks to Jonathan Sale about his experiences in the British education system.

By Jonathan Sale

7 August 1997

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Electronic spying gleans world's 'top level secrets'

Nicky Hager's new book, Secret Power, is likely to antagonise intelligence officials by further revealing the extent of ECHELON's global surveillance capabilities.

14 August, 1996

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Bogus doctor sold AIDS blood 'remedy': 'Appalling' risk to life condemned

Metropolitan Police to investigate fake doctor after undercover report into controversial 'Signalysis' treatment reveals possible fraud and assault.

8 February, 1994

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Over here and under cover: It's Menwith Hill to us, but F-83 to the Americans

Quaint Yorkshire Dales to house new, top secret US intelligence centre capable of spying on half of the world.

6 October, 1993

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A force to be reckoned with

Duncan Campbell has had his fair share of quarrels with the establishment, but one July evening witnessed the police intimidating the wrong muckraker.

27 September, 1992

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