New Statesman 1987

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The parliamentary bypass operation

The government has failed to account to Parliament for expenditure of half a billion pounds on a secret 'spy' satellite. In doing so, it has flagrantly breached a solemn promise to inform Parliament, through its public Accounts Committee, of all major defence expenditure

23 January, 1987

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How Zircon was launched

The government has handed back material from the five Secret Society films seized from BBC Scotland in January. The Special Branch are now settling down  to a long investigation of how the BBC2 Zircon programme was made.

13 February, 1987

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The cost of Zircon

A 'get-out' clause now supposedly allows the government to keep Parliament in the dark about projects like Zircon. Duncan Campbell explains why the get-out doesn't work.

27 February, 1987

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BBC to show Secret Society

Duncan Campbell's Secret Society BBC-2 series will finally go on the air in two weeks' time. However, only four of the six programmes made have so far been included in the BBC's schedules.

10 April, 1987

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1. The databank dossier

As Britain stands, irreversibly, on the brink of establishing a chain of private and public national computer databanks, DUNCAN CAMPBELL proves that people do care about their privacy.

24 February, 1987

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2. The final curtain

In his second report in the Secret Society series, Duncan Campbell reveals the codeword that would signal the end of civilisation in Britain.

1 May, 1987

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3. Policing: a power in the land

The third Secret Society enquiry investigates ACPO, the Chief Constables' trade union, and found that its real function was to preserve police chiefs' freedom from accountability.

8 May, 1987

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4. Defences down

In the fourth report from his Secret Society BBC-2 TV series, Duncan Campbell reveals that every major new radar defence system since 1945 has been a failure. Four billion-pound projects have gone wrong - and more disasters are on the way

15 May, 1987

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5. Power play in Whitehall

The final episode of Secret Society explored how governments manipulate information to reinforce and retain power. However, programme is in the hands of the BBC who are refusing to release it.

22 May, 1987

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Zircon: Why MPs didn't want to know

MPs colluded in being deceived by the government over the central issue of democratic accountability.

11 December 1987

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