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1980 - America's big ear in Europe

For 20 years an obscure base near Harrogate has served as one of the world's biggest telecommunications-tapping centres - and it is run, not by our government, but by America's National Security Agency.

6 December, 1999

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Labour embraces secrecy again

Journalists in the dock, information suppressed, telephones tapped: to Duncan Campbell, it sounds all too familiar.

5 July, 1999

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A case of shark practice

Duncan Campbell looks at the man who claims that shark cartilage can heal both cancer and Aids, and finds that whoever benefits from the cure, it isn't the patients.

4 February , 1994

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Spaced out

Duncan campbell reviews Hunting Marco Polo: The Pursuit and Capture Of Howard Marks by Paul Eddy and Sara Walden.

22 March, 1991

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Downgrading the dangers

Government agencies relaunch their efforts to curb public complacency about the spread of HIV and Aids with national TV campaign.

30 Novemeber, 1991

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Carry on dying?

De Klerk and Man dela are talking, but intelligence operations against the African National Congress seem to be continuing,

12 October, 1990

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Heaven on earth

There's more to former Beatles guru Maharishi than transcendental meditation:  a multimillion-dollar religious cult up to its neck in commodity broking and real estate.

28 Sept, 1990

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Mum’s the word

This week, Duncan Campbell challenges the new Official Secrets Act-by talking to Mary X.

9 March, 1990

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Is he one?

Duncan Campbell examines the blunders and the malice that unleashed a gay witch-hunt in Scotland

26 January, 1990

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